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Beth Logan

Nancy Burnett (1987-2001)

Marla Adams (1990)

Elizabeth "Beth" Logan (née Henderson) was the matriarch of the Logan family on The Bold and the Beautiful. She was last portrayed by Robin Riker from 2008 until the character's death in 2010. She was previously played by Judith Baldwin for a short time in 1987 until Nancy Burnett took over later that year and played the role until 2001.

Storylines Edit

Beth Henderson Logan is the matriarch of the Logan family. Her husband, Stephen Logan, had walked out years earlier, so Beth raised their children, Stephen, Jr, "Storm" , Brooke, Donna, and Katherine Elizabeth "Katie" by working as a caterer. Beth worked a party in Beverly Hills hosted by the Forrester family and ran into her old college sweetheart, Eric Forrester. Eric had left Beth and married Stephanie Douglas when Stephanie turned up pregnant with their eldest child, Ridge Forrester. Beth married Stephen on the rebound, which was Stephen's rationale for eventually abandoning Beth. Eric had become disillusioned with Stephanie, but Beth and Eric both felt guilty about the prospect of rekindling their romance, especially after Eric and Stephanie bonded over their comatose daughter, Angela, whom Eric thought had died.

Beth and Eric ultimately chose to date again, but Beth pushed Eric out of her life when she discovered she had breast cancer. Brooke knew that Beth hadn't wanted to be a burden to Eric. But when Brooke told Eric the truth, Eric stood by Beth through her operation and recovery. Beth and Eric were about to reunite when Stephanie hired a private detective to find Stephen and then anonymously tipped off Donna and Katie to Stephen's whereabouts. Beth was moved by Stephen's apologies, although Stephanie cemented the reunion by forcing Brooke to encourage it and talking Bill Spencer, Sr. into giving Stephen a job at Spencer Publications' overseas office. Beth and Stephen moved to Paris, with Beth occasionally returning for family events and visits to her grandchildren.

In 2001, powerful tycoon Massimo Marone, who hadn't yet revealed he was the biological father of Eric's son, Ridge, wanted Brooke out of Ridge's life and tracked the Logans down in Paris. If Stephen lied and got Brooke to move to Paris by telling her he was dying, Massimo would pay Stephen five million dollars. Beth was appalled but initially went along with the plan until Brooke fell from the Eiffel Tower, prompting a visit from Ridge. Beth exposed Stephen, telling Ridge and Brooke that Massimo had gotten help from Stephanie and Ridge's wife, Taylor Hayes. Beth also accused Stephen of wanting the money so he could compete with Eric. Beth and Stephen's marriage remained intact, but, in 2006, Stephen turned up in Los Angeles alone, reporting that he'd divorced Beth because Eric was still the love of her life.

Beth's whereabouts remained unknown as Stephen dallied with Jacqueline Marone then Taylor. Later, when Storm tried to frame Stephen for shooting Stephanie, the family crisis inspired Stephen to go on a search for Beth. There was no word from Beth when Storm accidentally shot Katie and then committed suicide to donate his heart to her. Katie finally called Beth, but was stunned by Beth's cold, nonchalant attitude toward everything, so Katie's friend, Nick Marone, flew to Paris to confront Beth. Nick strong-armed Beth into visiting Los Angeles, where Beth finally admitted that she had had a series of strokes while living alone in Paris, as well as memory problems that were the first signs of dementia. Like with Eric before, Beth hadn't wanted to burden her family. Beth reluctantly agreed when the Logans begged her to stay in Los Angeles while Beth's granddaughter, Bridget Forrester, looked into possible cures.

Beth stood by Katie through Katie's pregnancy and miscarriage, and found herself growing close to Stephen again. Later, Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas, waged war on Donna and her family for Donna's involvement with Eric, and hit Beth with her car. Beth was not seriously injured. Later that year, Beth was diagnosed with full-blown Alzheimer's disease. Beth became increasingly confused and volatile, and shoved Stephanie, thinking they were still rivals for Eric. Stephen explained that Beth was deteriorating rapidly, and wanted Beth to remarry him. Beth and Stephen went back to Paris, then took a long cruise together.

Stephen and Beth almost remarried on the cruise, but Stephen cut it short when Beth started wandering away from their room and becoming more and more forgetful. Stephanie, who was staying in the Forrester guest house, wasn't happy when Eric took Beth and Stephen in. Stephanie raged that Beth should be cared for by professionals. When Beth saw that Stephanie's presence was causing problems for Eric and Donna, she raced into the guest house and started packing Stephanie's things. The Logans managed to calm Beth down, though they didn't notice when Beth encountered Stephanie on the way to the bathroom. Stephanie tried to help but became exasperated with the way Beth ranted at her, snatching a piece of lace out of Beth's hand and throwing it into the pool. Stephanie stormed off, but Beth reached for the lace, on which she'd sewn pictures of her children so as not to forget them. Beth fell into the pool, and, because she had forgotten how to swim, she drowned before Donna could save her.

Beth's death had serious repercussions. It drove the final nail in Eric and Donna's marriage, and Stephen threw himself in front of a car. Stephen held Stephanie responsible for Beth's drowning and used Pam in a revenge plot that backfired when Stephanie shot Stephen and briefly put him in jail.

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10 Fun Facts About Logan Browning
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  • Beth logan


    Watch Yesterday's Vlog ▻ Today I got owned by a girl, dealt with my aggression issues, and achieved the impossible.

    Stephanie Forrester allows Beth Logan to visit Eric

    Stephanie gives Beth permission to visit Eric. After that she discuss Ridge's future with Brooke.

    TRUTH or DARE in Public! ft. Logan Paul

    Thumbs up for my friend Logan and I taking on the challenges you guys sent in! Not gonna lie, I was a little scared hahaha. Thanks for watching! Who would you .

    'ICU grandpa' snuggles newborns when their parents can't be in the .

    When Mary Beth Brulotte's son, Logan, was born 3 1/2 months early and weighed a mere 1 pound, 15 ounces, she knew he would have to spend time in the intensive care unit. What the 33-year-old from LaGrange, Georgia, didn't fully realize was how guilty .

    Free at last: butterflies released and heading to Mexico

    By BETH LANNING Logan Daily News Reporter; Sep 23, 2017; 0. Kids release butterflies. Several kids were very excited to hold and release Monarch butterflies on Thursday outside the Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District's Office. Beth Lanning/The .

    Walmart Wellness Day is today

    By BETH LANNING Logan Daily News Reporter; 12 hrs ago; 0. LOGAN — It's being called the largest health fair in the country and Hocking County is part of it. Today, 4,700 Walmart locations nationwide, including the Logan Walmart Supercenter, will host .

    City workers hoping to be on target with strict EPA timeline

    Workers are replacing water valves throughout the City of Logan to comply with strict timelines set by the Ohio EPA. Crews are working on half of the City at this time, and if a situation should arise and another water line break occurs, only half of .

    Inspired to ride

    “Mark and (co-organizer) Beth (Logan) really do want people to have a great experience,” Caster said. “They put on rides that are a beer cost, but a champagne experience.” That's exactly what he and Logan are after, Griffith said. He began Skinny Tire .

    Painting for a purpose

    Abbie Hughes, who was born and raised in Logan, but now lives in Athens, donated her time to be the art teacher. She explained that it was amazing for her to see the kids doing something they may not get a chance to do otherwise. The paintings were .

    Boy helps save 10-year-old brother from pit bull attack in Sanford

    SANFORD, Fla. - A 10-year-old Sanford boy is in a hospital Monday after he was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull, officials said. WFTV reporter Roy Ramos spoke with Logan Millspaugh's mother, Beth Lyons, who said Logan's older brother helped save his life.

    Fall in love with nature's patchwork quilt

    Leaves are changing in Hocking County. Casey Burdick, Fall Color Forester for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said by the end of next week, the colors are expected to be more vibrant. Beth Lanning/The Logan Daily News. LOGAN — The scenery .

    Concerns over handicap accessibility at Veterans' Service . Dog shelter now requiring dog adoption form

    By BETH LANNING Logan Daily News Reporter; Sep 27, 2017 Updated Sep 27, 2017; 0. Looking for the best home. The Hocking County Dog Shelter now requires those looking to take home a pet to fill out a dog adoption form. It's so dogs like Hancock will .

    Insurance company switched owners

    Agents with Garner Insurance are excited to be in Logan. From left is Eric Womeldorf, mascot Brutus, Teresa and Terry Garner. Beth Lanning/The Logan Daily News. LOGAN — Assets of Rutter Insurance has been sold to Garner Insurance and the new .

    Concerns raised over handicap accessibility at Veterans' office

    By BETH LANNING Logan Daily News Reporter; 12 hrs ago; 0. Concerns raised over locked door. Concerns have been raised over handicap accessibility at the building where the Hocking County Veterans' Service Commission is housed on West Hunter .

    Yard mushrooms: To eat or not to eat them?

    George Kidder found what's believed to be a ringless honey mushroom in his yard, which is much bigger than a basketball. Naturalist Supervisor Pat Quackenbush of the Division of Parks & Watercraft at Hocking Hills State Park advises that people should .

    Robotics/Tech/Gaming Center To Host Grand Opening Saturday

    A new maker/tech/robotics/gaming space will host its grand opening at Logan's Landing Saturday. Quarkmine Space is an all-ages center located in nearly 4,000 square feet in the shopping center's pyramid building. For the past year, Quarkmine has worked .

    Full Medicaid expansion could go to voters to decide in November .

    Brian Shiozawa, R-Cottonwood Heights; Karina Andelin Brown, a health care advocate from Logan; Beth Armstrong, a health clinic director from Park City; Alan Ormsby of the AARP in Salt Lake City; and Bishop Scott Hayashi, of Salt Lake City's Episcopal .

    Kingwood HS theater's Harvey experience brings out 'best of humanity'

    When Kingwood High School Theater Director Matthew Logan saw the scene shop post-Harvey, the couch and table had completely switched places to the opposite sides of the shop from where they were left. Logan described the damage sustained by the .

    New roof to be added to 9-1-1 Office

    A nearly 20-year-old roof at the Hocking County 9-1-1 office needs to be replaced to better tie into the roof on the expansion project. Beth Lanning/The Logan Daily News. LOGAN — A couple of leaks have prompted county leaders to replace the roof on .

    September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

    LOGAN — More than 41,000 people die each year from suicide — the 10th leading cause of death among adults in the United States and the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-24, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness .

    Marriage licenses and divorces for Sept. 20-Oct. 12, 2017

    Hunter Wayne Moore of Cullman and Haleigh Beth Taylor of Vinemont. James Houston Gore of San Antonio, Texas, and .

    Beth-Center pulls away from Springdale to remain undefeated

    Quarterback Bailey Lincoski and running back Dominic Fundy powered Beth-Center to a 53-22 win over Springdale with 300 combined rushing yards and three touchdowns on Friday in the nonconference matchup�. “We look at it as a team thing,” .

    Logan & Beth | You Found Me | The Lucky One

    "Everyone has a destiny. You are mine" ♥ The Lucky One [2012] Song: The Fray - You Found Me.

    This is another, "The Luck One" inspired video for Logan and Beth obviously! Enjoy! Original Song: Heartbeat- Carrie Underwood Cover of Song by: Temecula .


    I SHAVED MY LEGS YESTERDAY ▻ Today we cooked up some disgusting chicken, went to a day party at my brother's house .

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    Logan Hayes

    bet logan

    Infobox soap character

    series = General Hospital

    name = Logan Hayes

    caption = Josh Duhon as Logan Hayes.deletable image-caption

    first= March 7 , 2007

    cause= Stabbed by Lulu Spencer

    creator = Robert Guza, Jr.

    portrayer = Josh Duhon

    occupation =Former soldier/ Former Bodyguard to Anthony Zacchara

    residence = Port Charles, New York

    parents= Scott Baldwin

    (mother) [ [ NY Daily News Interview with Josh Duhon] ]

    siblings = Karen Wexler

    (paternal half-sister; deceased) Serena Baldwin

    (paternal half-sister) Christina Baldwin

    (paternal adoptive half-sister)

    (paternal biological grandfather, deceased) Meg Bentley

    (paternal biological grandmother; deceased)

    (paternal adoptive grandfather) Gail Adamson Baldwin

    (paternal adoptive grandmother) Gregory Baldwin

    (Adoptive great-grandfather, deceased) Anne Marie Telson Baldwin

    (Adoptive great-grandmother, deceased)

    uncles/aunts= Brooke Bentley

    (paternal step-aunt; deceased) Monica Quartermaine

    (paternal adoptive aunt) Thomas Baldwin, Sr.

    (paternal adoptive great-uncle) Audrey March Hardy

    (paternal great-aunt by marriage)

    romances= Lulu Spencer

    Logan Houston Hayes [Stated on-air on June 28 , 2007 ] was a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera , " General Hospital ". He has been portrayed by Josh Duhon since March 7 , 2007 .

    Logan Hayes is an ex-army buddy of Coop Barrett from Hollingsbeck, Texas . Soon after Logan's arrival in Port Charles, he and Coop became involved in a plan hatched by Maxie Jones to blackmail Scott Baldwin . The three had information that showed that Scott is the one who really killed Rick Webber almost five years ago and let ex-wife and Rick's daughter Laura Spencer take the fall for it. The three of them made it seem to Scott as though Laura's daughter, Lulu Spencer , was behind the scheme, although Logan's developing feelings for Lulu had him second-guessing the plan. Lulu discovered their racket when Scott confronted her.

    Logan was shot in the leg during an ambush at The Cellar that targeted mobsters Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos . He was operated on at General Hospital and recovered. As a way to show his gratitude, Sonny paid Logan's hospital bills.

    Logan has already gotten on Luke Spencer 's bad side because of his interactions with Lulu. Luke accused Maxie in March 2007 of hiring "spuds like this [Logan] to harass my daughter." Lulu saved Logan from harm in a shootout with Alcazar's men. In turn, he has tried to protect her on multiple occasions, defending her against threatening characters like Scott Baldwin .In early June 2007, Logan forcefully kissed Lulu in Sonny's coffee shop; she did not reciprocate, and he was forced to apologize profusely for his actions. Since the kiss, the two of them have grown closer. Lulu took care of Logan in July 2007 after he was shot, and during that time, she admitted that she cared about him. The two of them shared a mutual kiss. Although Scott and Tracy are currently trying to keep them apart, Lulu and Logan have began a forbidden relationship. In August 2007, the two went on a first date to Vista Point, which was sweet. For her birthday , Logan surprised her with balloons and a cake. The two made love together for the first time on August 21 2007 . Soon Logan called Lulu his girlfriend for the first time, and after a spat with the Quartermaines, Lulu moved in with Logan in early September 2007. Soon after, Maxie revealed the bet to Lulu, shattering her trust in Logan. After storming out of Logan's apartment, Lulu hitched a ride with Johnny Zacchara. When Lulu returned, she decided to forgive Logan, but it has not been a blissful reunion. Lulu and Logan struggled to learn to trust each other and appeared to slowly be drifting apart. Lulu soon suspected that Logan was the Text Message Killer, and she hit him in the head with a wrench during a struggle. He fell into a coma, and although he still expressed feelings for her when he woke, she ended their relationship.

    After physically attacking Maxie at Kate Howard's office, Logan saw that Lulu was watching, and made a desperate plea for her to stay so he could talk to her. Upon his arrival at Johnny Zacchara's penthouse, Lulu wouldn't let Logan in, forcing him to chop down the door with an axe. Logan entered the penthouse, but Lulu was hiding behind the couch, holding a knife. After disarming Lulu, Logan begged for her to take him back. When she refused, Logan threw her to the ground and went after her, only to be stabbed by Lulu.

    Not long after his arrival in Port Charles , Logan also became involved in a flirtation with his best friend's girlfriend, Maxie Jones . There was a clear spark from the moment they locked eyes. After seeing Lulu talking with Coop, Maxie made a bet with Logan: if he got Lulu into bed, she'd sleep with him. Logan agreed and promised to not tell Coop. The two shared a kiss in July 2007, and it seemed that Maxie was truly conflicted about her feelings for Logan. While Logan didn't seam conflicted about his feeling at all. He wanted Maxie. Bad. However, after Coop told her how much she meant to him, Maxie called off the bet. In August 2007, the bet seemed to be back on with no explanation why. Coop caught Logan and Maxie in a passionate embrace on August 13 , 2007. When Maxie confronted him about "winning" the bet by sleeping with Lulu, however, Logan seemed to have a change of heart; he lied to Maxie, telling her that Lulu would never sleep with him, and called off the bet. Maxie, still fixated on getting Logan into bed, countered by threatening to tell Lulu about the bet if Logan didn't sleep with her. Logan and Maxie had sex on August 31 , 2007. On September 18 , 2007, after discovering that Lulu was living with Logan, Maxie revealed that she and Logan slept together; as a result, Lulu ended her relationship with Logan.

    Logan held a grudge against Maxie, detesting her for her part in his breakup with Lulu. Logan attempted many times to get back together with Lulu and "rebuild what Maxie destroyed", only to be turned down. Although Lulu stated that she has moved on with Johnny Zacharra, Logan took out his frustrations on Maxie, and physically assaulted her when she was alone in Kate Howard's office.

    Logan's paternity has become a central part of his storyline; Lulu suspected that his father was Scott Baldwin , who was revealed to have fathered a son in Texas around the time that Logan was born. Baldwin and Logan had a contentious relationship even before they were revealed to be father and son; Logan hates Baldwin not only because he needles Lulu but also because Baldwin ruined Logan's family with a bad business deal years before. On June 29 , 2007, Logan confirmed that Baldwin is indeed his biological father, and on July 3 , he admitted that he'd come to Port Charles to find him. Logan has known that Scott is his father since he was ten or twelve.

    Scott continued to deny that Logan is his son but has agreed to take a DNA test to prove it. Logan had doubts about the test at first, but in early September 2007, he finally agreed to go through with it. The test came back on October 3 , 2007 and proved that Scott and Logan are father and son; since then, Scott has begun to try to establish a relationship with his son.

    On April 24 , 2007, Logan took over Coop's old job as a security guard at the Metro Court hotel, though he considers the position temporary. [General Hospital, April 24, 2007.] Sonny Corinthos secured the job for him.

    Logan has been pushing Sonny Corinthos to give him a job with his mob organization since he arrived in Port Charles. Logan's even gone so far as to try to extract information from Alcazar's men to try to impress Sonny, and he has gotten into some violent altercations as a result. Logan's continuing efforts to be hired by Sonny's organization have gotten him on the mobster's bad side. After learning that Lulu had been present for some of the violence involving Logan and Lorenzo Alcazar 's organization, Sonny threatened that if anything happened to Lulu because of Logan, Logan would be killed. He also vowed never to hire Logan. However, after Logan provided Sonny with information that prevented him from being killed, as well as information about the whereabouts of James Craig, Sonny went back on his previous word and hired Logan to work with the organization. When Jason Morgan was arrested for Alcazar's murder, Logan was put "in charge" at the coffeehouse. Sonny has assigned him to supervise some shipments as well; on July 11 , 2007, he was shot by his friend (and police cadet) Coop while watching a shipment at the pier. [General Hospital, July 11, 2007.] In early 2008, Lulu mistook Logan for the Text Message Killer and hit him in the head with a wrench, putting him in a coma. Soon after Logan woke up he took a job as a bodyguard for Sonny's rival, mobster Anthony Zacchara.

    Logan's career aspirations may be more varied than just mafia work, however. During a hospital stay after the gunfight at The Cellar, Coop revealed that Logan once aspired to be a doctor. He originally joined the military to help pay for medical school. Logan has appeared interested in medicine in many of his scenes. In his first meeting with Lulu, he advised her on caring for the stitches from the injuries she sustained during the Metro Court hostage situation. While a patient at General Hospital, Logan asked Maxie, a hospital volunteer, for a medical journal to read.

    Logan served in the same army platoon in Iraq with Coop Barrett . On April 30 2007 , he mentioned that he had served two tours of duty in Iraq , meaning that he probably spent at least two years in the Middle East . He sold illegal merchandise while in the army, and in his very first episode, he was shown to carry both a gun and a propensity for doing things the easy way even if they aren't right. After a gunfight in The Cellar, Coop told Mac Scorpio that he and Logan were both MPs and that Logan is licensed to carry a gun. Logan's military service record has prompted Damian Spinelli to dub him, among other things, "the Crabby Commando."

    Due to Logan's association with the Zacchara family, he'd seen Lulu and Johnny together a few times, growing jealous. Although Logan had not been featured prominently since his break up with Lulu, he still had strong feelings for her and longed to get back together with her.

    Logan held a grudge against Maxie, due to the bet, and how it led to his breakup with Lulu. Logan attempted many times to get back together with Lulu and "rebuild what Maxie destroyed", only to be turned down. Lulu even said she was grateful to Logan for sleeping with Maxie, for if he hadn't, she wouldn't have run away and met Johnny. Logan finally snapped and headed to Kate Howard's office to confront Maxie, who he blamed for losing Lulu. He physically assaulted her, then noticed that Lulu was watching, and made a desperate plea for her to stay so he could talk to her. Upon his arrival at Johnny Zacchara's penthouse, Lulu wouldn't let Logan in, forcing him to chop down the door with an axe. Logan entered the penthouse, but Lulu was hiding behind the couch, holding a knife. After disarming Lulu, Logan begged for her to take him back. When she refused, Logan threw her to the ground and went after her, only to be stabbed by Lulu in an act of self defense.

    He haunts Lulu in her mind for months until Laura finally gives her the strength to move on.

    He is set to permanently depart on September 2 , 2008 .

    Wikimedia Foundation . 2010 .

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