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Betdaq - UK Racing Guide

Betdaq Review

Betdaq are a betting exchange, rather than a traditional bookmaker and, like Betfair, whose success they are constantly seeking to emulate, allow punters to back or lay a selection. Originally founded in 2000 by Irish entrepreneur Dermot Desmond it is licensed and registered in Alderney and has expanded to include multiple bets, games and fixed odds betting via their 1Bet console.

However, huge changes are afoot at Betdaq, with a buyout by Ladbrokes PLC approved and expected to complete any time soon (February/March 2013). What exactly this will mean remains to be seen but the Betdaq brand and model seems certain to continue.

Bonuses and Promotions

Betdaq have often flirted with a no bonus model but have for some time now had an opening offer worth £30 to UK and Irish customers. This also includes a 3% commission deal, significantly better than the 5% they normally have (and which main rivals Betfair initially impose). This may sound insignificant but regular punters will make big savings and effectively have access to markedly better odds through this deal.

The opening free bet takes the form of a no loss promotion, whereby if your first bet (back stake or lay liability up to £30) loses, you will receive a refund which must be used at odds of 2.00 (evens) or more.

In addition they offer various bonuses in the other areas of their site, for example they have a £50 games bonus at the time of writing. However, their offerings for racing fans are limited in the extreme. In the past they have offered free bets for the really big races, including the Cheltenham Gold Cup, but that’s about it. Must try harder Betdaq!

Usability and Design

The site is well enough designed but we expect some changes to be made once the Ladbrokes deal goes through. For now, enjoy the purple colour scheme, the easily accessed markets and the wealth (or clutter depending on your opinion) of information on the home page.

The site is intuitive to use, assuming of course you know the fundamentals of exchange betting, and requires less clicking than Betfair to reach your desired location.

The Verdict

Betdaq is always likely to be Betfair’s little, less muscular, slightly uglier brother. The Ladbrokes takeover will seek to improve the liquidity in the markets – probably the number one issue with Betdaq – and address other minor problems. But they will never overtake Betfair.

The latter’s vast client base, superior technology and established trust mean Betdaq is perpetually playing catch-up. But if they address the liquidity and improve the range of markets, offer more bonuses and maintain their 3% commission offer they have every chance of at least closing the gap.

For now they represent a solid, rather than superb option. The no lose free bet offer is good and they have had mobile-dedicated offers in the past. They provide good horse racing and football coverage and, as with Betfair, for those that like an outsider they can provide value beyond belief.

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Betdaq Bonus

betdaq no lose betting

200 euro bonus from Betdaq

Click on the banner to get your bonus !

*€/£30 No Lose First Bet Terms and Conditions (Promotion for UK and Irish residents only) • To avail of the no lose first bet customers should ensure that promotional code ALLBDQ04 is entered on registration. • Customers first settled bet must be a bet of €/£/$30 or more on our betting exchange and if it loses we will credit the account with a free €/£/$30 bet. • 1st bet liability must be €/£/$30 or over on a selection, back or lay, on any single sports market at settlement. Multiple and 1bet bets will not Qualify. • Free bet will be paid into accounts which have met all qualifying conditions within 72 hours. • Free Bet is non-withdrawable and must be bet with at odds of 2.0 or greater. • Members cannot match themselves. • Offer applies to first time BETDAQ customers only. • Customers must satisfy all criteria required by BETDAQ for account opening including but not limited to age and identity verification. • Free Bet offer applies to new accounts opened between April 4th 2012 until further notice • Free Bet stake is not returned on winning free bets. Free Bet can be used on the exchange including the mobile exchange app. Free Bets cannot be used on Multiples, 1Bet, Games or Poker. Free Bets must be used within 3 months of being awarded. • Void bets do not qualify for this offer. • The €/£/$30 no lose bet promotion is only available to residents in the United Kingdom and Ireland. • BETDAQ Terms and Conditions apply.

**€/£/$200 Free Bet Terms and Conditions • To avail of the €/£/$200 free bet promotion customers must enter code ALLBDQ03 at registration. • On paying €/£/$25 in exchange commission a qualifying customer will be given a €/£/$25 free bet. • For each additional €/£/$100 in exchange commission paid, the customer will be given an additional free bet of €/£/$25 until a cumulative total of €/£/$200 in free bets has been awarded. • Accounts which have met qualifying conditions will have free bets credited within 72 hours. • Free Bets balances cannot be withdrawn until they have been bet with at odds of 1.5 or greater. • Free Bet stake is not returned on winning free bets. Free Bets can be used on the exchange including the mobile exchange app. Free Bets cannot be used on Multiples, 1Bet, Games or Poker. Free Bets must be used within 3 months of being awarded. • BETDAQ Terms and Conditions apply.

***3% Commission Promotion Terms and Conditions: • Promotion applies to new registrants from January 1st 2012 until the offer is withdrawn by BETDAQ. • Qualifying customers will have a 3% commission rate applied to any bets placed between January 1st 2012 until further notice. • Net market winnings from bets placed at different commission rates will have a weighted average commission rate applied.

General Terms Applicable to BETDAQ Promotions: • Offer applies to first time BETDAQ customers only. • Customers must satisfy all criteria required by BETDAQ for account opening including but not limited to age and identity verification. • Offer applies to new accounts opened from January 1st 2012 until such time as the promotion is withdrawn by BETDAQ. • Free Bet stake is not refunded on winning free bets. • Only one offer per household/IP address/device. • Customers availing of BETDAQ promotions may be required to provide a copy of a machine-readable passport before being eligible. • BETDAQ affiliates, consultants, employees are ineligible to use this promotion. • BETDAQ reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time. • BETDAQ reserves the right to exclude any entrant from such promotions. • BETDAQ reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any stage. • Offer is not available to BETDAQ API or RDT customers.

See detailed information about Betdaq in section BOOKMAKERS » BOOKMAKERS BETDAQ

In-Play Betting on Betdaq, BETDAQ TIPS

In-Play Betting on Betdaq

Posted by editor | Aug 4, 2017 | 0 |

IN-PLAY BETTING ON BETDAQ: In recent times, the betting market has been changed by the addition of ‘in-play’ betting. Rather than guessing a score line or a race winner at the beginning and then waiting, we can now trade or place bets at any time during the event as the odds fluctuate. For trading, this is great because it presents more chances to win money and strategies can be revised and improved as the event goes on.

With football being the most popular sport in the UK, there will be opportunities to win money but it takes research and it takes practice. Rather than investing instantly, you will want to spend some time making notes and using game statistics to help you out. Once you’ve done this, you need to come up with a plan for every game you wish to trade on. Are you going to take a little chance?

Are you playing it safe?

One of the most popular betting systems is to back the draw in a game that you expect to be rather boring, especially in the first half. In an even Premier League match, you will find a draw price of around 3.4. After half time, the price will keep dropping but you have to be wary of the late goal. Many a trader’s day has been ruined by the late goal and it isn’t a myth, stats now show that the last fifteen minutes of the match is the highest scoring segment.

If we take you through an example, you could back a draw at 3.4 and put £50 on it. Ultimately, this means that you would make £120 with a draw and lose £50 if either side wins. Then, around ten minutes before half-time you can lay the draw at 2.8 for £30. Although the win for a draw would be smaller, your losses if either side win are also smaller. At half time, you can lay the draw this time for 2.66 for another £30. Now, you have a green book and no matter what happens, you win money.

Of course, the prices we mentioned are completely hypothetical but they represent the average prices you could expect to see. If one team scores, you can lay the win for a small amount and this will improve your winnings once again. Of course, don’t go too much because if that team holds on, you could potentially see a loss. When you reach the 75th minute and the team is still ahead, you face the decision of riding it out or laying the favourite once more. If the losing team are on top of the game, you could do a small lay to improve your rewards of a draw yet again.

If they happen to get a late equaliser, you can lay the draw and be happy with your green book. Regardless of what happens in the dying minutes, you will see a really good return on your investment. Obviously, this describes the perfect scenario and not all games will be like this but it gives you an insight as to what can occur. Even the most experienced traders have completely different strategies, so find what works for you and allows for the evolution of the market over time. As soon as you understand how and why the prices move, your reactions to those fluctuations will be a lot quicker.

  • Stick to your strategy
  • Be ready to risk a short-priced favourite even if it costs you a little
  • Always think ahead; don’t think about the end result, but rather what happens next


When you know about horse racing, you can be sure of a winner or you can at least be sure of the leading runner with the last straight to go. However, you don’t have to worry about what happens in that last furlong if you trade smartly. As long as you remember to back high and lay low, you’re in a great position moving forward.

If we take an example, you could back your chosen horse at 8.4 for £10 before the race. Ignoring commission, you’re set to see a £74 return. With one furlong to go, your horse is in the lead and you can effectively ‘sell back’ some of your profit to lay more than you initially spent. For example, you could lay £20 on your horse at 3.2 which means you risk £44 to potentially win £20. After doing this, you are in the golden position because you are set to win money regardless of whether your horse wins or if another pips him to the post.

Of course, commission will be taken from this but you should worry about that until after the race. In truth, commission can confuse you in-play so don’t factor it in at all or turn the setting off. As the ‘show P&L including commission’ setting takes commission from your first bet, you won’t be able to quickly calculate how much you need to trade in order to balance the book. In-play trading is a fantastic tool and you can even lay the horse before the race and then back it during for a higher price.

  • Back high, lay low
  • No guarantees
  • Horses don’t always perform as expected
  • Hesitation leads to missed opportunities
  • Other horses could dominate race
  • Higher-profile races fluctuate less than weaker lineups

Finally, we will go through one last sport so we have covered the major three for trading – tennis. Tennis is a fantastic sport to trade because you know that an action of one player will directly affect the actions and therefore prices of the other. With every point that passes by, the prices will change and you will have to learn how to react to the fluctuations. In tennis, the men especially are expected to hold their service game which means that the prices will move significantly if they lose. Even before the break of serve, you will notice that the prices move when the score reaches 0-30, 15-30, and especially 30-40.

As with any other sport, you have to look for the options that are ‘under-bet’ because this is where the potential winnings lay. However, it isn’t that easy because if it was, everyone in the world would be trading in tennis and it would become the biggest sport in the world. As we said with football, the key to learning tennis is to sit down with a pen and some paper and make notes. Over time, you will recognise what actions lead to what changes in the market and then, with a bit of practice, you will learn exactly how to make the most of each scenario.

So there we have it, some fantastic tips for in-play betting for the four major sports the feature can be used for. Remember, all the prices and amounts of money we used were hypothetical (apart from 2004 Australia v India) so keep this in mind. Also, keep in mind that you won’t always find sports events that follow our examples exactly. One of the key skills that you will have to learn is adapting to movements in the market; with our help and some practice, you will soon become a high quality trader!

Free Betting Exchange Bets

Free Betting Exchange Bets Want the best odds online? Use a betting exchange (compare the top three here)

Betting Exchanges are wonderful things. They add a competitive edge to gambling that you just don’t get with traditional bookies. The best betting exchanges have fantastic liquidity on all the major and most of the minor markets that enable you to bet against other gamblers, not the house. The house takes a commission on winnings so the odds are always better. Because betting exchanges don’t make more money when you lose the welcome offers are not as good as fixed odds betting sites, but they still have some good incentives for new players to open an account.

Betfair – Free £10 bet when you sign up.

The best overall gambling website by far. In all aspects and games. I have always loved the Betfair customer services and they treat customers more like clients. Some of the best functionality and range of markets too. Get £10 Betfair welcome offer when you sign up and deposit funds into a new account.

Smarkets – Free £10 bet for new players

These guys offer a slightly lower commission to Betfair, currently 2% so are worth a look. Major markets provide pretty decent liquidity so a good place for casual gamblers to try a bit of arbitrage. The Smarkets free £10 welcome offer is good way to test the platform. Which is probably the most user friendly of all through exchanges.

Betdaq – £30 no lose bet

Once of the original exchanges and because the customer base isn’t as large as Betfair they offer a pretty decent welcome offer to entice new players. Once you have deposited some funds you get a £30 BetDaq welcome offer no lose bet and some pretty decent odds and markets.

Other Betting Exchanges

Other Betting Exchanges

When I teach matched betting to people who have never done it before, I always suggest that they use Betfair betting exchange. Why? Because of all the betting exchanges Betfair is the largest. Since more bets are placed on any particular event, it is easier to get your bets matched, which of course is crucial for matched betting.

Another advantage of Betfair is its generous £25 losing-stake-refunded offer, which can provide a nice boost to your newly created account. Note that you can only access this offer by clicking on the banner below.

The best way to capitalize this offer is by using another betting exchange. If that’s too complicated, just place a bet on something that you believe should win. After all, you cannot lose anything that way.

But there is also a downside of using Betfair. Currently it charges a 5% commission on winnings, which is more than the commission of some of its competitions.

While players who bet huge sums can get commission discounts on Betfair, regular matched bettors do not qualify this. For this reason it might be worth considering other betting exchanges that currently offer lower commissions to all their players.

Betdaq, another popular betting exchange, currently offers a 2.5% commission for all players on all markets. If you are betting on a popular football game or horse race, there will still be more than enough money in Betdaq markets, but your profit margins will be larger due the small commission.

Betdaq currently also offers a €/£/$30 no lose bet, which is a losing-stake-refunded offer (use promo code ALLBDQ02). To take advantage of this offer, treat your first Betdaq bet like a SNR free bet in our matched betting calculator.

Matched betting between two betting exchanges is always easy, because the odds are literally the same on all the betting markets. Just don’t forget to also specify the back commission (2.5%) in the calculator

Another exchange that has to be mentioned in this post is WBX. Their commission is not as small as that of Betdaq: you pay 3% of winnings for markets with two or three outcomes, 4% for markets with four outcomes, and 5% for markets with five or more outcomes.

However, WBX also has a free bet offer, though it’s not the most generous offer out there. After betting with £100 you will get a £10 free bet. This might sound like a bad deal, but since you have to use a betting exchange anyway, you might as well qualify for this.

After that, you can get £5 for every 20 WBX loyalty points you earn (three times in total), but to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t bother with that.

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