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Zennis, Know Your Tennis Game And Play Like A Pro

pro tennis tips for advanced

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Peter Spang-a professional player and coach who has faced such opponents as Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker-has discovered a way to defeat the demons that trip up your tennis game. In this book, he shows readers how to master the art of being in the moment, breathing freely, acting spontaneously, and playing clean unworried shots. Whether novice or advanced player, anyone can use the techniques presented in Zennis. With seven unusual on-court exercises, meditation tips, and a new way of practicing strokes-the Zen Tennis Form-this guide puts an exciting new spin on the game. * A truly “new spin” on tennis that incorporates ideas from Zen Buddhism * In the tradition of Zen and the Art of Archery, The Inner Game of Tennis and Extraordinary Golf * Zennis focuses on the mental game, but also includes practical exercises and techniques that players can use immediately * Contains guidelines on forming your own Zen tennis group * Written by a professional coach who has lectured widely on Zennis

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Pro Tennis Lessons Review

Pro Tennis Lessons

This several hour long video series claims to teach you the “ultimate” tips to tennis success.

The “ultimate” tips consists of a variety of moves on the different strokes…

Jensen then breaks that down into simpler steps in some of the videos:

  1. Start with a closed racket face and keep it closed on the backswing.
  2. Hit through on the tennis ball to create pace and power.
  3. About two or three feet before your hands reach impact with the racket, squeeze and drive through the contact point.

The rest of the videos expand on these ideas and gives you some drills to help learn the proper swing on each stroke.

How Pro Tennis Lessons Performed

We tested it with tennis players of different skill levels and we got generally good although significantly varied results.

On the positive side, the swing is general enough that tennis players of all shapes and sizes can benefit. It focuses on a few key ideas on each stroke rather than making everyone fit into the same cookie-cutter swing, which we consider a good thing.

What People Are Saying About Pro Tennis Lessons

A google search for the “Pro Tennis Lessons” video series reveals very mixed opinions about the product. While we found some very positive feedback, we also found a lot of negative reviews from average tennis players.

According to some reviews: ”These dvds offer basically solid, if uninspired, advice. They are most useful to players ranging from just beyond absolute beginners to intermediate level (through 3.0 level, maybe 3.5 for the more advanced ones).”

The program sells for 229.95, which is quite a bit more expensive than many comparable products.

  • Core principle of “not one perfect swing” is a good foundation
  • Videos are detailed and cover a lot of information
  • All videos feature teaching pro James Jensen.

  • Much more expensive than comparable products
  • Videos are very long and contain a great deal of talking without much imagery

The Bottom Line:

Pro Tennis Lessons is a bit of a controversial instruction program. It has been praised by some, but dismissed by others. At $229.95 it is much more expensive and less technologically advanced than some of the other options.

You can place an order or learn more at their website here.

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