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Facebook Shares and Google 1s 2017 Facebook Shares and Google +1s 2017 got checked on 2017-07-21 for the social media platforms Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Stumbleupon. This resulted in 130 Facebook Shares, 34 Google +1s, 0 Pinterest Pins, 0 Stumbleupon Stumbles, 0 Linkedin Shares and 0 Buffer Shares which resulted in a total social media score of 164 for is one of the 1.172.835 websites that got their social media profile checked on Check By Web. The score is based on the Facebook shares, Google +1s, Pinterest pins and Stumbleupon stumbles from the specific website. The average website has a score of 23.272 over those social media platforms. has the highest score out of all 1.172.835 websites with a total amount of 612.189.294 points. is the last checked website on 2017-10-15.

The score of is based on 79.27% Facebook Shares, 20.73% Google +1s, 0% Pinterest Pins, 0% Stumbleupon Stumbles, 0% Linkedin Shares and 0% Buffer Shares. All combined results in 164 points for the social media profile of

The ideal length of a domain name is somewhere between 3 and 15 characters. The shorter the domain name, the better but after 15 characters it might have consequences for your SEO results. The domain name contains 11 characters which is good since it fits the recommended character amount. The average domain name length on Check By Web is 15 characters. is 4 character(s) below the average character length.

For more information about feel free to check out on They check the IP addresses of websites, monitoring the loading speed and checking of the website is down or not. Facebook shares count

The 1.103.274 domains that have shares on Facebook have an average share count of 21.907. Out of all those 1.103.274 domains has the most Facebook shares. On 2017-10-13 the website had a total of 612.189.294 Facebook shares. The most recent checked domain is On 2017-10-15 this domain had 142 Facebook shares. Google +1s count

Because of recent changes, Check By Web is no longer able to get the latest Google +1 count from domain names. The Google +1 will still been shown but no longer update on update requests or new domain checks. Current + Previous scores will become empty over time and highest + lowest score will hold their current counts. Also the total domain score will no longer contain the values of Google +1. (If the Google+ API will ever allow domain search again then we will re-enable this feature.)

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