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Sports Betting Articles

Sporting lines, side bets, parlays and so much more! Sports betting can be a very daunting prospect for the beginner, but with some help and guidance in the right direction can be a very profitable experience.

So that is why we at South African Online Sports Bet are gathering some great tips, advice and all round good information for anybody who has, is or will be trying their "prediction" skills at sportsbooks.

Sports Betting And Impatience

What does it take to be successful sports bettor? Well, it takes a whole bunch of things actually, but one of the most important is being able to stomach losses. Winning streaks and losing streaks happen both in sports betting and in life, but there's one peculiarity that sets sports betting apart: even when you win, you feel like you're losing, and that's because even as you rack up profits, the majority of the time you lose money. Interested in how that's possible? Take a look at the statistical analysis below.

Let's consider you bet four games each day and that you are a 55% winner. The probability of you losing all four of your bets is a meager 4.10%. The probability of winning one bet and losing the other three is 20.05%. The probability of splitting down the middle 2-2 is 36.75%. In order to consider it a winning day, you of course have to win at least three out of your four bets. The odds of that happening aren’t that bad actually. 29.95% is a decent number indeed. The probability of winning all four of your bets is 9.15%. What exactly does that tell you? It tells you that in order to have a profitable day, you need to win either all four of your bets or at least three of them, the combined odds on which are 39.1%. What this translates to is that even if you’re an overall 55% bettor, you will lose money around 60% of the time. This is the very reason why winning feels a lot like losing in sports betting. Making money by wagering on games will not give you the thrills you might expect. It’s more like a day job: boring as hell but productive and profitable nonetheless.

When people - even successful handicappers - lose patience, all sorts of bad things start happening. They chase their perceived or real losses, thus destroying the safety cushion provided by their bankroll, losing more money, then eventually ending up quitting altogether. Bankroll management is an integral part of successful sports betting, however, by itself it cannot really achieve anything. Discipline is also needed of course, but it's a lot harder to stay focused and disciplined than one might think. Sticking with your betting system through hell and high water is not an easy feat especially if you tend to question yourself often. Sometimes there is just no way to know whether you are in fact doing something wrong, or if it's just Lady Luck throwing a fit. In such cases, you're best off taking a step back and taking a long hard look at the bigger picture: if you feel that you are doing nothing different from the times when you were profitable, then that's a sign that all you need to do is to hunker down and ride out the storm. Taking a little break in the middle of a harsh losing streak is not a bad idea either. The bottom-line is that you need muster enough patience not to go chasing your losses.

Also, you should take your betting online. Online bookmakers, much like online poker rake back sites and the poker rooms for props, will give their players generous bonuses and loyalty deals to keep them hanging around. All that extra money will bite right into the vig, widening your profit margins. Patience is essential in online sports betting too though.

Bangladeshi authorities looking to avoid "power" riots during cricket World Cup

Bangladesh, one of the host nations of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, has apparently learned its power outage-produced rioting lessons well. During the 2010 soccer World Cup, the crowds took to the streets when power outages prevented them from watching the games. In the cricked-crazed country, counting on a similar reaction in the case of a power outage during one of the games is well within reason, so the authorities undertook measures to nip the rioting in the bud. Power companies have been instructed to show games on large generator-powered public screens to make sure no one in Bangladesh misses any of the World Cup action.

The task of providing uninterrupted TV coverage is made nearly impossible in the energy-poor nation by the very format of cricket games, which tend to last about 8 hours. The priority of the organizers will therefore be to secure non-stop coverage of Bangladesh’s games before anything else. Looking to avoid incidents the likes of which broke out during power outages in 2010 when the soccer World Cup was in full swing, and when angry fans attacked power company officials and broke into company offices, the state owned power company DESCO will be stretched to the maximum from the get go as the first game of the World Cup will be the one between Bangladesh and archrival India on February 19. Although most pundits don’t place the Bangladeshi team among the favorites, the recent uptick in shape that the team has shown gives its fans hopes against major cricket powers India and England.

No fewer than 8 World Cup games will be held on Bangladeshi soil: six in the capital Dhaka and two in the port city of Chittagong. Authorities have already experienced problems with crowds that grew frustrated over endless lines for live game tickets.

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Sports Betting Articles

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There are a ton of great articles here at High Tech Gambling, and this page collects the sports-betting articles for readers outside of the US together.

Since there are fewer restrictions outside the ‘land of the free’ (haha), this page contains a lot more links. You’ll find them in categories, starting with overviews / guides to the many different sports you can bet on, then a look at the sports books and comparison type articles after that, next are strategy articles (both basics and advanced) and at the end of the page links to help you get the best from betting on a range of different computing devices.

There are brand new articles published every week here, so make sure you remember to bookmark this site today!

Sports Betting Articles List – Global Sports

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Sports Betting Articles List – Sports Book Comparisons

Global sports books are huge, with big licensed brands often listed on the London stock exchange. There are big differences in the odds / lines you will be offered, and the speed and efficiency with which these books handle bets and any issues which arise. Our reviews and detailed, and come from real experience – you will not find any ‘everything is 10/10!!’ here, these reviews are written by sports bettors, for sports bettors.

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Here are links to more advanced topics:

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