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Get To Know The Different Auto Race Betting Opportunities Online

Auto Race Betting

Auto race betting is popular among the car race fans worldwide. It’s so popular because there are several races on which the gamblers can place bets on. There is always something to choose from and much like other sports betting types, you can make some good money if you know what you are doing.

There are several auto races in which you can bet on.

Nascar Racing is just one of them, it is also the most popular auto race betting online type, specially in the US. the Nascar Racing cars have made some great steps forward in the last years, which place them on to of the Auto Race Betting agencies lists.

Formula One Racing is another popular race in Auto Race Betting, maybe the red king for the Motor Racing sports. The big money and the big sponsors are talking hard in the Formula one racing sporting events. Click to learn more about the Formula One Betting Opportunities.

Indy Car Racing is the least popular auto race betting sport, still thousands of worldwide fans are following the Indy Car racing events and learning to support this small, but unique auto racing sport. Indy Car Betting agencies are placing the best bets on the annually races.

You don’t need to be an expert when betting on auto racing. You should know the logic behind car racing, a bit about the race itself and if you do get to know the driver’s names you really have a chance to develop some skills. Other than that you can read a lot of information about auto racing in general and Auto race betting in particular.

Auto race betting is usually a summer sport and as such, most likely you will not be able to bet on auto racing during the winter.

You get to bet on the best drivers in the world, whether they race in Formula 1 cars, Nascar race cars or Indy cars. Since the races take place in different countries and different time zones, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can bet on racing around the clock. That’s the biggest advantage of betting on racing online.

Even if you don’t know anything about Formula One, Nascar and Indy Cars, you can always take a peek at our Auto Motor Racing Tips and find some useful tips and also actual picks to help you with your auto race betting online experience.

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The Last Team Standing Creator, Controls - Grand Theft Auto Online Game Guide

The Last Team Standing Creator | Controls GTA Online Guide

Creating the TLTS game is very similar to creating a Capture map. However, there are no capture points, as it is not the objective of these missions.

  • Title - Maximum of 25 characters
  • Description - Maximum of 250 characters
  • Photo - It will appear when the mission stars and it will be placed in the Rockstar Games Social Club page
  • Minimum players - minimum of 2
  • Maximum players - up to 16
  • Time limit - you can specify the time limit after which the playthrough mission will end.
  • Number of teams - Decide on the number of teams on which the players will be divided.
  • Search Tags - Key words which make it easier for the other players to find your game.
  • Job Description - Your own game description visible for other players.
  • Time of Day - Present, Morning, Noon, Midnight
  • Weather - Present, Sunny, Rainy
  • Background Music - Action or Chase
  • Lobby Radio - Pick the radio station which will play in the lobby.
  • Lock Weapon - Choose weapon which will be available in your game.
  • Forced Weapon - Choose a starter weapon.
  • Number of rounds - Force the nr of rounds in your game.

You can also change the number of pedestrians and a vehicle traffic, police interventions etc. Now select the spawn points, capturing points, location of the guns and vehicles and the starting point for the both teams, to make your map ready to be played.

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This site is not assotiated with and/or endorsed by the Rockstar Games or Rockstar Games.

The Last One - GTA 5 Wiki Guide

The Last One

This Strangers and Freaks side quest will unlock once the player has completed the game to 100%, although it may not pop up immediately. Keep playing and eventually the question mark will show up in the Mt. Chiliad forest.

Go to the question mark as Franklin and you will run into a hunter who is hunting The Last One. After talking to the hunter, go to the scat site and look for the big red dot somewhere in the forest. Once you find it, it will start to run away and it will appear and dissappear off the radar. Keep after it and keep shooting it as much as you can, and eventually it will fall. Run up to it to complete the mission.

EditGold Completion Guide

When you begin the mission, run to the scat site. After you find the Sasquatch, you should be able to get a couples hits in with a sniper rifle, but try not to kill him (anywhere but the head works). After that, keep running after him and  use the assault rifle. This is easier said than done because you cannot auto aim onto the Sasquatch. While you are running you will find several mountain lions who will try to maul you, and this is where you get the Hunter. The Sasquatch tends to run the same path while the mountain lions tend to be in the same areas so it is a case of trial and error. If you want to be safe there will be a few deer around as well. Don't worry if you die, you will spawn in the scat site and you will get Mr Green. Eventually, he will go down (my Wounded stat was 37, almost all assault rifle). Run up to it to complete the mission.

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Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying an Extended Auto Warranty

Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying an Extended Auto Warranty

When you buy a new car, the salesperson will likely offer you an extended warranty for your vehicle to protect you against accidents and damages that may occur outside the specifications of the manufacturer’s warranty. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Deciding whether or not to invest in an extended auto warranty can lead to costly repercussions down the line. Although a manufacturer defect or automobile accident has become relatively commonplace in today’s society, extended auto warranties are often marked up substantially, so purchasing one when not truly needed can leave a hole in your wallet.

Is Your Vehicle Reliable?

If your vehicle is known for being reliable and long-lasting, you might not need an extended warranty. Unfortunately, there aren’t every many automobiles known to magically last forever. Cheaper cars often last just as long as their more expensive counterparts, which makes the guesswork difficult in this situation. Even Consumer Reports most reliable cars of the year break down here and there. If you’re purchasing a used car, considering reliability is even more important. Always look into a car’s history to verify facts and search for any undisclosed problems.

How Long Do You Plan on Keeping Your Vehicle?

Image via Flickr by Hani Arif

If you buy a car and intend to sell it three or four years later, there’s probably no reason for you to buy an extended warranty. However, if you do plan on keeping the car for an “extended” period, then an “extended” warranty would be logical to invest in. Folks who can’t keep a car longer than they can keep a partner need not apply, but for those looking to drive their car into the next decade, an extended auto warranty is your best bet at saving money and keeping all four wheels turning.

Who is Driving the Vehicle?

Teen drivers usually need to make their cars last until they have graduated college or made a career for themselves otherwise. They’re also younger and more accident prone in their first year of driving, making them some of the best candidates for an extended auto warranty. If you are purchasing a car for your child, and you want the car to make it into the next chapter of their life, an extended auto warranty gives your teen some wiggle room to make a few mistakes before sacrificing their life’s savings to an auto body shop.

Can You Afford Repairs Later or a Warranty Now?

How is your current financial situation? Are you living paycheck to paycheck, or are you secure now but fearful of an uncertain future? These are all important things to consider before purchasing an extended auto warranty. Paying for repairs you can afford now but don’t need is more effective than not being able to pay for repairs that may happen later on. The key is to act when you can afford it, and practice caution when you cannot. Purchasing affordable insurance is also important. Some companies offer cheap insurance but, their coverage is lousy. reviewers suggest Assurant.

Buying an extended warranty for your vehicle might be a gamble. It’s important to deeply consider your situation before investing, but be aware that coverage is better than no coverage if you ever end up in an accident.

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Christian Wife, Mom, Blogger, Animal-lover, MRI tech living on her happy homestead in New Hamphire with her son and hubby, 2 dogs, 2 cats, plethora of poultry and billions of bearded dragons. Pam loves to spend time with her boys, eat chocolate and drink coffee. Pam is the owner and creator of Mom Does Reviews.

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