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2016 BET Honors Recap, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Fantasia Takes Us To Church During BET Honors [VIDEO] Black excellence was in the building.

Posted March 16, 2016

Source: Paras Griffin/BET / Getty

The 2016 BET Honors aired last night and it was a night filled with Black excellence. From the stellar performances and touching tributes to the superb fashion, it was a night we’ll remember until the next beautiful Black event.

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Get into our recap.

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

We almost forgot how great Arsenio Hall is. The legendary comedian opened the BET Honors praising the honorees and highlight all the Black excellence in the room. From L.A. Reid, Patti Labelle, to Attorney General Eric Holder and ‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels, the room was filled with Black magic. “Ladies and gentleman here and at home, this is what extraordinary looks like.”

Hall joked about Black excellence walking out of the White House door when Obama’s second term sadly comes to an end. “Have you noticed how Black he’s getting towards the end?” He added, “I saw him come off Air Force 1 with a bottle of hot sauce.”

Taking on the current state of politics, Arsenio touched on Trump’s racist campaign that has led to protests around the U.S.

“If Trump wins, gatherings like this will cease to exist,” he said in jest. “Trump going to take away black licorice. No more Tyrese.”

Fantasia Took Us To Church

Forget a mic drop, when Fantasia took a deep breath after hitting her final note in the Patti tribute and blew air through her bang, it was a unanimous decision — she killed it. You know it’s real when Aunt Patti stands up during a performance because she is one of the shadiest divas of all time.

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

Taking us on a trip down memory lane, Usher led the LA Reid tribute with a medley performance of his greatest hits. And just in case you were doubting Usher’s star power, that boy still got it!

Toni Braxton Is Toni Braxton

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

When the Braxton sisters hit the stage, we know we’re in for a nostalgic R&B treat. Toni Braxton can do no wrong in our book and reminded the youth why she is one of the greatest. She continues to slay. All day.

BET Honors The Next In Class

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

Friend of the #TeamBeautiful, Rae Holliday, was honored at the annual show for being the next rising star in the entertainment field. We love it.

Ledisi Ain’t Never Missed A Note In Her Life

Ledisi gives us chills whenever she performs and her tribute to Natalie Cole was no different. BET picked u the slack where other where other award shows failed to honor the late Black beauty.

Eric Holder’s Acceptance Speech

President Obama may be leaving office, but the effects of his administration will live on in the history books. Holder served as the first Black Attorney General from 2009-2015.

Red Carpet Rundown: 2016 BET Honors Red Carpet Rundown: 2016 BET Honors 1. Toni Braxton 2. Rae Holliday 3. Janelle Monae 4. Patti LaBelle 6. Fantasia 7. Melissa Harris-Perry 8. Gizelle Bryant 9. Lee Daniels 10. Kyemah McEntyre Red Carpet Rundown: 2016 BET Honors

BET Honors brought out the best in black excellence. See the style from the red carpet arrivals.

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Watch BET Honors Season 1, Episode 9 Episode Online Free at

BET Honors:Season 1, Episode 9 The BET Honors 2016 Episode 9 - The BET Honors 2016

The annual gala honors producer-director Lee Daniels, Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson, former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder, singer Patti LaBelle and Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid. Fantasia, Ledisi and the Deele perform. Arsenio Hall hosts. From the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C.

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Watch: Beyoncé Explains Her - Take My Hand, Precious Lord - Grammy Performance Ledisi Responds to the - Snub - Controversy Video, B

Watch: Beyoncé Explains Her ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’ Grammy Performance + Ledisi Responds to the ‘Snub’ Controversy [Video]

February 9, 2015

Beyoncé released an incredible behind-the-scenes video of her preparation for her Grammy performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” during the show’s ‘Selma’ tribute.

“My grandparents marched with Dr. King. My grandfather was a part of the first generation that attended the all-white school. My father has grown up with a alot of trauma from those experiences. I feel like now I can sing for his pain, I can sing for my grandparents pain. I can sing for some of the families that have lost their sons.”

In the clip, the African-American men chosen to sing behind her during the performance each take turns sharing their personal experiences in dealing with racism, what the song means to them, and much more.

In related news, Ledisi is speaking out in response to the controversy caused by Beyoncé’s performance. If you didn’t know, Ledisi played gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in the movie ‘Selma’ and her rendition of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” was highlighted in the film.

When it was announced that there would be a ‘Selma’ tribute featuring John Legend & Common at the Grammys, many thought Ledisi would get the honor of singing the song as she did in the film — but instead that honor went to Beyoncé and many felt it was a major snub.

If you know the Beyhive, there’s been an onslaught of chatter, shade, and defense over the last few days — but Ledisi says she’s not bothered by the fact Bey was chosen to sing the song.

She tells Entertainment Tonight:

“I don’t have a clue [why I’m not singing it.] But I will say, and what I’m excited about, is that I had the pleasure of playing an iconic figure in Selma, and the song, ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord,’ it’s been going on forever – starting with the queen Mahalia [Jackson], the queen of soul Aretha Franklin, then, I was able to portray and sing my version of the song, and now we have Beyonce. Her generation will now know the song, so I’m a part of history. I’d rather look at it like that instead of looking at it as a negative. To me it’s a great honor to be part of a great song by Thomas Dorsey.”

According to John Legend, Beyoncé asked to sing the song herself — and you just don’t say no to Beyoncé.

Watch Ledisi on it below. Also, if you missed Bey’s performance you can watch it as well.


ugh. And to boot, they didn’t let ledisi know until about a little less than a week before. Ain’t that FLUPPED UP? ugh. Beyonce you can kick rocks. I don’t care if your grandfather FED MLK Jr. That don’t give you the right to step on anyone else’s shine…you got enough of your own…let the girl get her moment of NEVER having been on a Grammy stage get a little shine. You just greedy. UGH. And Personally, I hated the performance…too trilly, to many runs, and no OOMMPFF from the gut for me. Singers know what I mean when I say UMMPFF… just saying. My opinion only.

LMAO!! I do not care if your grandfather fed MLK Jr. LMAO. I agree with you, girl.

gurl……..careful. the beehive coming for you. You better hide. And the Beygency

So true! I wasn’t moved at all – she just wanted to show off and it showed in her performance, totally contrived

Right! That part!

And she is still wrong

judge much?! #nobodyisperfect

Not being prefect is one thing, intentional is another and sometimes we all need to be called out on our bull crap. This is not lot the lip sync indicident. There is no calling the press and getting a do over. She needs to apologize or do some type of public gesture to make it right. She did it with Taylor Swift and Kanye was the one out of order. Why can’t she do it now. I mean really how you gonna take the moment from someone like that especially as it pertains to Selma a movie about righting injustices. Was what she did to Ledisi just? I think not, just made a mockery of it with what she did and her explanation. No she used her star power in the wrong way and she was point blank just wrong.

She was NOMINATED/WON for DRUNK IN LOVE- so why she thinks its appropriate to then sing PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND is ABSURD. If she is really so passionate about civil rights there are alot more ways to show it than standing on stage dressed as an “angel” when you promote ludity, sexuality, and drunking-ness in most of your songs. This performance was so contrived, she was chasing them orchestra hits like a fat girl chases cake. And this was again a case of “the dark, big girl is good enough for one genre, but not good enough for the main stream.” It was a DISS, and Beyonce used her power to snatch the limelight from this girl. I am not dark skinned, about bey’s complexion actually, so this is not about my own complexion. And was a Beyonce fan, so far from hating on her, just to clarify. I just feel right is right and wrong is wrong. Her singing Precious Lord was as disrespectful to the song, Ledisi, and the spirit of the song, like people going to church after clubbing all night with liquor and sex still on their breath.

Beyonce is full of it. She does anything to garner any attention, and it doesn’t matter who she takes it from. Ledisi was good enough to sing the song in the movie. She was good enough to perform it for Oprah. She was good enough to perform on several occasions for the President and First Lady. Ledisi was good enough to perform this song at the Grammy’s. If Beyonce really loved the song and it was truly that inspirational to her, she should’ve been gracious enough to introduce Ledisi to perform the song!

Aint she full of it!

She’s a spotlight whore

Gotta love all these Ledisi fans who came outta nowhere. Maybe if y’all purchased some of her music she could shine and have her moment on stage. But until then……….

Preach!! now all of sudden you’re fans or was it just because you’re anti-Beyonce


You must if you clicked on an article that had her name in it. Took the time to read it and then provide a comment.

Both a fan of Ledisi and anti-Beyoncé! She can’t get a dime of my money…but Ledisi, on the other hand, will get a sale from me and ALL of my friends I promote her to!

that’s good for you and your 10 friends but it’s going to take a lot more than that to make her a superstar

She is a superstar and a class act.

Preach and preach again!

You meant Lettuce fans! You better shade these ppl like I know you can!!

That’s right bitch now u go get healthy!

Ledisi has plenty of fans which is why her last three albums debuted at #1…..lhh ppl worship beyonce so much that they say anything. Ledisi has been nominated for grammys the last two years as well. You dont have to be a fan to know when wrong is just wrong and shady.

Here Goes A Bey Stan…..

spoken like a true girl

Please that had nothing to do with it. . What you work for Bey… until you get a check for PR don’t put down what you are not; a well accomplished songstress ie. Ledisi

We do purchase and that is why we are defending. To top it of it was just wrong and petty and small of heart.

It’s not about being a Ledisi fan it’s about right and wrong. I think she’s a good singer but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. I like a whole lot of Beyoncé songs but Beyoncé was dead wrong and that’s really all there is too it.

I’m so disappointed, she’s so selfish for this. What’s the point of being in the beyhive if I can see right through her shit..

And I bet she asks Kanye to pop off if someone wins instead of her for one grammy in exchange for pics and public appearances with him and Kim

According to John Legend, Beyoncé asked to sing the song herself — and you just don’t say no to Beyoncé.

Well man up and grow some fuckin’ balls!! That was WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT!! I’ve lost respect for him, AS A MAN!!

He isnt the one that gave her the nod. he is speaking of the grammy association

Uh, NO, you’re wrong!! It was his decision!!

John Legend is a married silly gay man

Ledisi is so classy.

Shes a GROOOOOWN WOMAN, she can do WHATEVER she wants.

Have you people forgot about what wrong and what right? Now if it was the other way around all of these die heart fan of Beyonce would be sing another tune. This was just not Beyonce’s moment and it was very disrespectful how this was handle and I like Beyonce but she get hands down and have a sit for this one. She would not have like it if it was done to her. I have much respect for Ledisi for her response to what everyone can see was a injustice to a phenomenal singer.

Did anyone notice the fact that Ledisi WASN’T going to sing this song at the Grammy’s? No one woulda been talking about Ledisi or this song if Bey didnt give it life and decided to sing it. The show would have gone on without Ledisi and yall woulda had nothing to complain about. Shes a GROOOOOWN WOMAN, she can do WHATEVER she wants. And as for the religious freaks calling her a lude provacatuer who has no place singing religious music, have several seats. Jesus hung out with Mary Mag, and turned water into wine. If he were here, he’d be side eying you holier than thou’s.

You do know the song was nominated for a Grammy for Selma, right? What do you mean noone would have been talking about the song?

Leidisi’s song Like This is what was nominated, in the same category as Beyonces drunk in love

Thank you rockitivity for proving my point. I cant help but be smug as I see all the haters say hateful things to me, but have no actual valid points for their hate. They got comments and insults, but how about intelligently rebutting my points? Stay seated stupids, better yet, DOW DOWN lol

Thank you rockitivity for proving my point. You all have hateful comments, but nothing intelligent to say to rebutt my points. Have a seat, better yet, BOW DOWN!

Look, Yolandas post got 15 likes lmao. Bunch of sheep smh

ROTFLMAO at the fact that you called the people who liked that comment sheep. If they’re sheep then what would you consider yourself and the rest of the Beyhive. I love Beyoncé’s music but it’s y’all Stans that I can’t stand. You fools would defend her even if she wouldn’t defend herself. Shoot some of y’all would probably trade your first born just to shake your queens hand. It’s sad, sick, and scary. I’m sure I’m not the first to say this either but dang it’s just not that serious to idolize someone who wouldn’t give you two nickels to rub together if your life depended on it. Instead of swarming the comments of every post about Bey you should take a moment to reevaluate your life. If you put as much into bring successful as you do into defending Beyoncé, or any artist for that matter, you’d probably be as successful as she is one day.

Eloquently spoken @Monica


@lenworth please have a seat

If Ledisi wasn’t EVER supposed to sing at the Grammys, why hasn’t SHE said so? Easiest way to squash the beef…

GET OVER IT BEYONCE SANG IT AND KILLED IT! If she didn’t sing the song they weren’t even going to have that piece part of the show, so regardless Ledisi still would have sat in the audience. Beyocne just did her a favor and brought her some attention so be happy dam! Go start a Ledisi fan site or something but don’t hate on the Queen.

Of everything! deal with it.

With a butcher knife.

You’re right! She killed the song and it died an ugly death! Lol!

right… she’s getting paid you’ll remain basic. sounds like her death will be a lot more lavish than yours… oops!

Dude you do realize that yes she’s getting paid but YOU are not so you will remain basic yourself. Except if you go get a life and stop living in Beyonce’s shadow.

I think both Ledisi and Beyonce are great artists but it should have been who could give the song life and for anyone who has heard both versions, it is absolutely clear who should have sang the song. I mean I got chills from listening to Ledisi’s version. That said, both of them will get great publicity from this one way or the other and let’s face it Grammy’s is all about entertainment after all so Ledisi fans please go listen to her rendition on youtube and share that link with others!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxVpHiyT5kE

It was very classless for Beyonce to sing this song. Ledisi should have sung this song hands down!

pretty sure the academy reached out to Beyonce and made this happen. are you guys suggesting that beyonce should have turned down the opportunity? Had she done so the academy probably would’ve just pulled the song from the show entirely.

I know you guys want to use this to serve “whatever” agenda you are trying to promote, but CBS/The Grammy’s are trying to make “good” television, for their viewing audience. Unfortunately it’s not a platform for talented “struggle singers” to launch or expand their careers. The Grammy performances have always been about popular acts with a single at the top of the charts, preferably with an album in stores.

80+% of the folks who watched the grammys last night have no earthly clue who Ledisi is.

ledisi has a great voice but she simply is not a star.

Speak, I so agree with you

I love Ledsi since she was an underground artist , very classy lady.I stopped watching the Grammys and all these so call “Award” shows over 10+ years ago because of things like this. Beyoncé got this gig because she is what is going to draw the audience to these shows.Sad but true the entertainment world is seeking what sells and very little of anything else. What else explains a singer or rapper getting the lead job job in a movie over an experienced actor. That is why we have so many movies that have no or very little meaning behind them. Because the people they have are either not trained actors and suck at it or the true actor has bowed down to what they think sells and take a acting job in a horrible movie.

I am so glad that Ledisi took the high road, and did not attack another black woman. Ledisi you are a winner, keep your positive attitude. Love your music.

I need clarification, can you be both a Ledisi AND Beyonce fan or is that against the STAN rules?

So sorry, but Beyonce should have done better. There were plenty of songs and performances that she could have chosen to partake in, but with THIS movie being as successful as it was, especiaplly during Black History Month, I feel that she just could not resist the urge to “shine”. That kind of selfish mentality is what has driven her success, IMO. I’m here for Ledisi. I love the response she provided to the public, and I think that it just goes to show what fame is all about. I do not know what kind of influence John Legend or Common had in this incident, but I’m guessing it probably was not much clout. And definitely not as much as Beyonce.

This just shows you how people think that they can do whatever they want, and do not CARE if it hurts someone or steps on others toes. Terrible. Yet another reason for me to continue to NOT support her.

Beyonce their are some that r more holy than others. And by you singing a gospel song like that only showed that you are in know way spiritually holy. So say what you want!!

yall know Beyonce was not about to let another Jennifer hudson Moment happen. But now iiknow why shes all of a sudden taking pics with Kimye. She needed John legend to give her that song, Shes A Hater

! Point to the period. #sip

Thanks for posting this. Beyonce’ did a beautiful job at this song. She had a real reason to sing it. Her family was there with Dr. King! Beautiful rendition of a classic song.

I would’ve love to hear Ledisi singing it in that “ole time religion southern style” it would’ve taken me back as a little girl to me Beyonce voice is weak she can sing but she can’t “sang” either way it went down it was very “f’d”up

Solange, Bruno Mars Lead 2017 Soul Train Awards Nominations

Solange, Bruno Mars Lead 2017 Soul Train Awards Nominations

Solange is the most nominated artist for this year’s edition of BET’s 2017 Soul Train Awards. The singer snagged seven nominations, including best R&B/soul female artist and video and song of the year for her single “Cranes in the Sky.”

Bruno Mars was right behind with six nods, including song of the year for “That’s What I Like” and album/mixtape of the year for 24K Magic.

A pair of career achievement awards will be handed out at the Nov. 5 ceremony in Las Vegas. Toni Braxton will receive the Don Cornelius Legend Award and female R&B trio SWV will honored with the Lady of Soul Award. BET said Tuesday the artists are being honored for their longstanding careers and influence.

Other notable nods include Cardi B's debut hit "Bodak Yellow" nominated for Rhythm & Bars Award, competing against Kendrick Lamar's "Humble." Newcomer Khalid also grabs four nominations.

The ceremony will air on BET on Nov. 26.

View the full list of nominations below.

BET Presents: 2017 Soul Train Awards Nominees

Soul Train Certified Award

Bruno Mars - "24K Magic"

Chris Brown Ft. Usher & Gucci Mane - "Party"

DJ Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

Solange - "Cranes In The Sky"

Best Gospel/ Inspirational Award

Chance the Rapper

Album/ Mixtape Of The Year

Bruno Mars - 24k Magic

Mary J. Blige - Strength Of A Woman

Solange - A Seat At The Table

The Weeknd - Starboy

Rhythm & Bars Award (Formerly Best Hip-Hop Song Of The Year)

Cardi B - "Bodak Yellow"

Dj Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

French Montana Ft. Swae Lee - "Unforgettable"

Kendrick Lamar - "Humble."

Yo Gotti Ft. Nicki Minaj - "Rake It Up"

Bruno Mars - "That’s What I Like"

Childish Gambino - "Redbone"

Dj Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

Solange - "Cranes In The Sky"

The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award

"Cranes In The Sky" - Written By: Troy L. John, Solange Knowles, Raphael Saadiq (Solange)

"Location" - Written By: Alfredo Emmanuel Gonzalez, Olatunji Olutomiwa, Samuel David Jimenez, Khalid Robinson, Joshua Scruggs (Khalid)

"Love Me Now" - Written By: Blake Matthew Simon Mills, John Henry Ryan, John Roger Stephens (John Legend)

"Redbone" - Written By: George Clinton, William Earl Collins, Gary Lee Cooer, Donaldmckinley Glover Ii, Ludwig Emil Tomas Goransson (Childish Gambino)

"Versace On The Floor" - Written By: Christopher Steven Brown, James Edward Fauntleroy, Bruno Mars, Philip Martin Lawrence (Bruno Mars)

Bruno Mars - "24K Magic"

Chris Brown Ft. Usher & Gucci Mane - "Party"

Dj Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

Solange Ft. Sampha - "Don’t Touch My Hair"

Wizkid Ft. Drake - "Come Closer"

Dj Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

Jazmine Sullivan & Bryson Tiller - "Insecure"

Mary J. Blige Ft. Kanye West - "Love Yourself"

Solange Ft. Sampha - "Don’t Touch My Hair"

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