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Dutch Regulator Declares Esports Betting And Skin Betting Illegal—But So Is All Online Gambling For Now

Dutch Regulator Declares Esports Betting And Skin Betting Illegal—But So Is All Online Gambling For Now

The statement on esports betting says:

“Playing games on the Internet (e-sports) is permitted. Betting on these games (betting) is a game of chance. For this, a license is required for anyone to be allowed to offer gambling in the Netherlands.

At present it is not possible for e-sports betting to apply for a license in the Netherlands. E-sports betting is prohibited in the Netherlands.”

The statement on skin betting uses exactly the same text, prefaced with “Betting skins/skin gambling are games of chance.”

In fact barring the title of esports or skin betting, both statements are the same. Both mention that the regulator doesn’t know whether either activity is prevalent in the Netherlands, but that it will monitor the situation.

New laws are on their way but have been delayed

The two advice notes are to some extent, a statement of the obvious. Under the current Dutch laws all online gambling is prohibited.

The process has been tortuously slow, with each legal draft subject to consultation and further amendments.

The final text only made it through a vote in the Dutch House of Representatives in July.

A vote in the Senate is not expected until Q4 of this year; although even when the bill passes the upper house, there remain several bills of secondary legislation which must also be approved before the final legal framework will be in place.

The secondary legislation should take the whole of 2017 to complete.

During Unibet’s Q2 results presentation a fortnight ago, CEO Henrik Tjärnström estimated that a go-live date for operators who obtained a license would not be until Q1 of 2018 at the earliest.

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    Will esports and skin betting be allowed when new laws come into force?

    The significance of the regulatory notes issued this week is not that they set out the existing legal situation. Their real significance is that they set out Kansspelautoriteit’s ignorance of esports betting whether for skins or real money.

    The regulator is asking the public to use an online contact form to give them information about both subjects. People are asked in particular to report their experiences with regard to:

    • The name of the provider.
    • In what way was the consumer approached?
    • Did minors (under 18 years) participate in esports betting? Computer games are widely played by minors who potentially face unwanted gambling.
    • How much money has the consumer lost or used to play with?

    The content of the statements and the request for information suggest that the regulator lacks the knowledge it needs to feel comfortable with regulating esports betting even when the new laws come into force.

    A 101-page market research report commissioned by Kansspelautoriteit was issued in August last year. It made only a single mention of esports, in paragraph 7.6.

    The reference did no more than note the existence of esports betting and comment that it was an activity at high risk of cheating.

    A pessimistic conclusion would be that there is a possibility that esports betting will not be allowed, or at least not allowed when the first wave of licenses are granted in 2018.

    Kansspelautoriteit has time to remedy its lack of knowledge

    As the result of the legislative delays, the Dutch regulator does have the benefit of time to learn about esports betting and develop a regulatory approach.

    Kansspelautoriteit was authorized to create and regulate internet gambling when the expectation was that the laws would be implemented in 2014. It may still not have any licensees, but it has been active in preparing for its new role.

    Early on, it announced and enforced a complete ban on online gambling advertising and affiliate marketing.

    It has had considerable experience in dealing with unlicensed operators, and has become one of the more efficient regulators in that regard. It has conducted several high profile prosecutions which have set out clearly its intent to protect its license holders when they eventually begin operating.

    It has also built strong relationships with other regulators through the establishment of bilateral information sharing agreements. In remedying its lack of esports betting knowledge, these will help it accelerate the learning process.

    The UK Gambling Commission’s discussion paper on esports betting issued earlier this week will generate useful submissions dealing with the regulatory gray areas which remain.

    By early 2018, there is no reason to think that Kansspelautoriteit should not be perfectly capable of regulating esports betting in the same way as the UKGC, or the Italian Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (AAMS) currently do.

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    The first one have carried the period of time to acquire sufficient knowledge concerning the sporting occasion that like to bet on. The second bets simply without worrying to execute their research. When you are a clever bettor you'll want to attempt to obtain more info as you possibly can prior you originally allow go in the cash. In sports betting interest alone isn't the key. You want to have interest to comprehend more about your favorite game to determine the likelihood of victory. The effective method to carry out it is to frequently get tips on sports betting.

  • Online Sports Betting: Legal or Illegal?

    Online Sports Betting: Legal or Illegal?

    Sports betting or gambling has become more and more popular through the years. Its popularity was further intensified with the growth of online sports betting, also known as internet gambling. However, online sports betting have long been the topic of most controversies. And, one particular area of discussion is its legality.

    Usually, when it comes to considering online sports betting, it is so common for people to wonder whether they’re breaching a local or state law. As you may know, sports betting have been deemed illegal in many countries in the world, and one particular area that strongly uphold anti-sports betting law is the North America. In this region, most states and even the federal government have passed legislations about whether or how it is lawful or not to gamble online, and offline.

    However, it is only until recently that the regulation of online sports betting was left entirely to the discretion of the individual states in North America, and to some degree, the dawn of online sports betting created certain levels of confusion about the jurisdiction. One main question that prevails is who runs the laws in the virtual world. As you may know, some of the current gambling laws were generally created and proposed prior to the coming of the internet. This fact is what actually makes the application to those established laws open to different interpretation.

    Aside from the question on the online sports betting laws, another question was raised by the concerned public, that is, if it is legal to run sports betting on the web or offshore and take action from clients in the United States? Well, the common answer to this by the US government is that offshore or online sports betting are not legal.

    So it is given that online sports betting are deemed illegal by the US government. However, numerous reports have revealed that no bills have been passed to prevent the practice of online sports betting. Much worse is that, several attempts to pass bills in order to prevent the enduring popularity of online sports betting dramatically failed.

    Perhaps one particular reason that caused the failure of the passing of those anti-sports gambling laws is that the federal government has placed much of the responsibility of the legislations for gambling in the hands of individual states, in which some of those states have approved the practice of online sports gambling.

    Several of those states in fact voted on legalizing the online sports betting, and North Dakota is one of them. On the other hand, there are other states like Illinois which have added certain legislations that strictly prohibit the promotion of online casinos within the state. As far as I know, only three states in the US have strongly prohibited its people from gambling beyond the state borders: California, Louisiana and Nevada.

    Today, since some states have enforced anti-gambling laws, although loosely, several sportsbooks on the web have decided to stay offshore in foreign countries. And, to avoid breaching the laws, they rather set up their computer servers also offshore. It is just somehow important to note that although anti-gambling laws are passed, no citizen has even been arrested for considering online sports betting.

    Beat the odds on sports and win big money

    The continuously expanding base of online betting on sports

    Illegal sports betting

    Illegal sports betting

    Illegal sports gambling is really a serious problem with most avid gamblers allover the globe. “Sports betting” is an activity that forecasts the results of sporting events by betting about the outcome. Legality or general acceptance of sports gambling varies from one nation to a different one. For example, in North America sports gambling activities are not allowed whilst in other countries in Europe the act of accepting sports bets (this means bookmaking), is regulated but not regarded as a criminal act.

    Legalized sports gambling proponents regard sports betting as being a hobby for fans that boosts their enthusiasm and interest for just a certain sporting event, which in exchange benefits the leagues, teams, and the players that bets are put on, and further benefits them through large attendances at games, and also high television audiences. In contrast to this, those who are in opposition to sports betting claim that the integrity of novice and professional sport has been threatened by sports gambling.

    In the days gone past, “sports betting” was always associated with organized crime and unsavory elements who used it to fund crime and money laundering activities. But today, most Americans have sports betting as being a hobby. The arrival of technology as well as the internet has made it a breeze for thousands to indulge in the game without leaving the comfort of their homes. Though “sports betting” is not legal in the USA and there are numerous sites that will not allow US citizens to bet through them, it’s still becoming increasingly challenging to govern the sports gambling activities of the Americans. sports betting arbitrage finder

    Numerous betting choices are accessible for those who are interested in sports betting especially online. “Sports betting” is no longer in the hands of bookies who are unsavory or the smoky back rooms of disreputable establishments. It is easy to find a huge number of websites today that will readily accept your hard earned money as well as offer betting options proposition bets, parlays or future wagers etc. This ability to gamble of a sporting event has thus been revolutionized by the Internet along with the capacity to remain in touch and get in touch with other bettors like you.

    A huge number of sports betting forums provide a platform where sports bettors can discuss predictions of games, races etc and also help each other in making informed decisions and suitable picks that will result in profitable wins. Various sites on the internet are available for inexperienced and novice bettors to avail of advice and tips, and also previews of upcoming games, races and also other events either free or for a fee.

    The repercussions of Illegal sports gambling in the United States needs to be kept in mind. It is necessary for you to learn every one of the gambling laws where you live and if it is illegal for you to engage in any sports betting in your particular state or jurisdiction then its safer to go to Oregon, Nevada or Montana where sports betting is legal.

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    Sports Betting Platform iMPERIUM aims to take 400 BILLION from illegal betting market.

    400 BILLION DOLLARS. The amount of sports money bet illegally in underground markets every single year. iMPERIUM thinks they can get a hold of that market, by offering their users a ZERO FEE sports betting platform.

    Blockchain technology hasn't only changed the way we view the future of decentralization, the power of the blockchain has created a new way to build a 100% secure monetary platform as well . Transactions can now be carried through without requiring trust in a centralized third party. Each day another industry seems to benefit from the gradual adoption of the Blockchain. Yet, in the sports betting industry, archaic practices still exist. People rely on third parties to host their bets, send their money to insecure platforms, and "trust" that the third party will actually carry through with their payouts. All the while, bettors get nickel-and-dimed through the process as the host or bookmaker charges fees on each bet as well as when depositing or withdrawing funds. iMPERIUM says that with wide adoption of their platform, all of these issues will be nonexistent.

    There are 3 solutions iMPERIUM claims to have which will "disrupt" the sports betting market.

    1) Security - All bets are made using their MPRM tokens which are stored in escrow smart contracts, eliminating counter-party risk and allowing fast, automated payments to winning bettors. Depositing and withdrawing funds are also completely automated using the blockchain. With no human intervention required, there can be no human error, as well as automated event verification using site scraping tools, IBM’s Watson, and sports betting APIs.

    2) Zero Fees - They state "because of the unique nature of this emerging technology, we will be able to eliminate all fees bettors normally pay on other betting platforms. Instead of taxing our customers each time they place a bet, we will instead remove this externality from the system, encouraging them to place larger bets and therefore, increase the winnings for every bettor. This will create a surge in demand and an uptick in value of our MPRM coins." (more can be found in their white paper on this subject).

    3) No Betting Limits - One of iMPERIUM’s most valuable characteristics is their unlimited betting protocol. They claim a new betting system called an "Automated Queue Model", which allows for no restrictions to how much a user can bet. Which is interesting, because nowadays only in the underground sport-betting world could someone wager $50 million on a sporting event. So if this system really works, and its decentralized, I can see a lot of that underground betting money funneling into the iMPERIUM platform.

    Overall, I've taken a look at their site and I've read their whitepaper. Their team is solid, they seem to have a clear vision in front of them, and I'll probably be throwing a few Ethereum towards their ICO.

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