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Cole signed with LA Galaxy

The former English national Ashley Cole has signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy and will play ball in the American Major League Soccer (MLS).

The last time the left Defender game for the Italian Roma, but his contract was dissolved and he goes in the United States as a free agent.

Cole will receive between 200 000 and 400 000 euro per year in the Galaxy, which is significantly less than in his remuneration in Roma.

The 35-year-old point guard has played more for Arsenal and Chelsea and for England the has had 107 matches.

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Stylish Soccer Move to Turn a Defender

Online Soccer Academy

Free Soccer Training video focused on Stylish Soccer Move to Turn a Defender . At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials. We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.

How to Beat a Soccer Defender - Football Trick - Soccer Tricks - Football Tricks - Soccer Moves - Soccer Trick - Football Moves - Soccer Attacking Drills - Soccer Attacking Players - Soccer Attacking Tutorial - Strikers Soccer - Soccer Striker- Soccer Forward - Soccer Attacking Skills

Stylish Soccer Move to Turn a Defender

1. Place your toe studs on top of the soccer ball when it is a few inches in front of your plant foot.

Exercise Player Can Do: Soccer Drills

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong. If you are missing the soccer ball with the outside of your foot then you are taking too big of a touch with the inside of your foot and you are probably kicking the ball. Remember to push the soccer ball with the inside of your foot, don't kick it.

DO NOT do this move when you are right on top of the defender. By waiting to long and getting to close you give the defender a chance to make a play. Do the move a few steps prior to being on top of the defender.

This Video Covers:

How to Beat a Soccer Defender - Football Trick - Soccer Tricks - Football Tricks - Soccer Moves - Soccer Trick - Football Moves - Soccer Attacking Drills - Soccer Attacking Players - Soccer Attacking Tutorial - Strikers Soccer - Soccer Striker- Soccer Forward - Soccer Attacking Skills

Soccer Moves: Getting Free from a Defender, Soccer Drills - Tips Video Library, PlaySportsTV

Getting Free from a Defender Getting Free from a Defender

Soccer moves aren't just with the ball. To present passing targets, youth soccer players have to learn how to break free from tight-marking defenders. In this video, a soccer coach explains how deception and footwork are the keys.

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Soccer Drills & Tips Get access to over 300 soccer training videos and practice plans when you join today!

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  • Soccer coaching tips and drills for quick free kicks, Soccer Coach Weekly

    Soccer coaching tips and drills for quick free kicks

    Free-kicks are given so you have an advantage over your opponents – make sure your players are prepared to make the most of them. One way to do this is by catching the opposition off their guard, says Dave Clarke.

    1. The ball is played quickly out to the player unmarked on right-wing.

    2. The winger dribbles towards goal.

    3. He then crosses the ball into the penalty box.

    4. The attacking team is first to the ball and scores

    With a little vision and a quick pass, the defence is caught sleeping and is unbalanced with the left-back out of position. The quick pass from the free-kick allows the winger to capitalise on the poor marking. He plays in a hard, low cross which his attacker is quicker to than the defenders.

    The defending team has lost concentration

    At a free-kick, teams must keep their concentration to make sure that no opposition players are left free in space. In the diagram the lack of concentration is punished.

    The attackers have taken the initiative

    The ability to make the most of opportunities shows how important it is for teams to sometimes play free-kicks quickly (be aware of attacking possibilities) and to capitalise on a defence that is caught unawares.

    Key soccer coaching tip: It’s simple – tell your players to be first to the ball at free-kicks.

    Click here for more free kicks coaching tips and drills.

    About Dave Clarke

    Dribble with danger

    The defender in this practice must work hard to force the attacker out of the area or into a mistake in order to win the ball. MORE

    Race to challenge

    This drill develops speedy reactions and forces players to engage in physical confrontation to win the ball, building a competitive edge. MORE

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    Target Player Soccer Drill - Targeting defender in Football

    Target Player Soccer Drill:

    Turning on the Defender

    A target player in soccer must be able to successfully turn on a defender.

    - This target player drill is set up with one player slightly outside of the 18 yard box, and the other players 10 yards further from the goal.

    - Player with the ball passes to the striker, who turns to the right or left with their 1st touch, turning quickly and shooting with their 2nd touch.

    - Shooting player should retrieve the ball after the shot, and return to the end of the line.

    - Player should turn using the outside of their right/left foot.

    - Player should be well balanced, knees slightly bent to allow for a balanced turn.

    - Shot should generally be low towards the far post. This is difficult for the goalie, and any rebound is put out directly in front of the goal area.

    - Remember, encourage successes!

    - Add a passive defender.

    - Allow defender to defend normally.

    - 7-10 minutes for teaching Targeting the defender.

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