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Online Sports Betting Tips For New Zealand Bet Makers

Online Sports Betting Online Sports Betting

If you thought sports betting still required that you head to town and speak to your bookie in person, you haven’t heard about online sports betting. Utilising the latest internet technology, online bookmakers are now offering the most convenient wagering services available. All that is required is an internet capable device, be it a smart phone, laptop, or home computer, and bets can be placed in under a minute. The best part is that online bookies are notoriously generous, offering not only bargain deals and special promotional offers, but reward points for loyal customers.

Virtually all sports are covered at online bookmakers, from the mainstream sports like rugby and cricket, all the way thought to less mainstream sports like darts. If you can think of a sport, it is very likely covered by a bookmaker. The selection is so big, in fact, that a real world bookmaker likely couldn’t compete. And at an online bookmaker all the sports are easily accessible via simple menus and navigation buttons.

How Online Sports Betting Works

So what is required to get started with online sports betting? Not much at all. Any device that can connect to the internet is sufficient, including just about any smart phone. You can simply surf to the bookmaker’s website, and start placing bets. An active account will be required, but creating one takes just a few moments. Simply tap or click the registration button, enter the details, and your account will be active immediately. Of course, funds will be required to place bets, so be sure to deposit some starting funds into the account before betting.

Online sport betting works exactly the same as in a real world bookmaker. Sports teams or racers are given odds, which will be clearly displayed beside their name. The bet maker selects the team or racer they want, and so agrees to the odds stated. Once the event has been finished, the bookmaker will automatically pay out winners. Note that payouts may take a few hours to complete, but will be done in as fast a time as is possible. To collect the winnings, you don’t have to do anything except see them appear in your account. This money can be withdrawn fro your online account to your bank account at any time from NZ betting sites.

If you’re new to bet making, you might be a little confused about how odds work. Here is a brief explanation. Essentially odds are assigned by the bookmaker based on how likely he or she believes the team or racer is to win. High odds, such as 1/15, indicate that the odds of the team or racer being successful are seen as low. But, the odds also indicate that a bet at those will result in high payouts, if the bet is a success. It’s a system that can potentially reward risk taking.

Low odds mean the exact opposite. 1/2 odds, for example, will give even money payouts. Or to be more specific, a bet of $10 will payout only $10. The bet is seen to be much more likely to win, however, which is what makes online sports betting so interesting.

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How Online Sports Betting Actually Works

How Online Sports Betting Actually Works

For as long as currency and anything of a sporting nature have been around, human beings have found the need and desire to place their money on a particular outcome regarding that sporting event. You can rest assured that when the Ancient Olympic Games were around, there were a group of bearded men sitting around a pub, or the Ancient Greek equivalent, taking bets on how far Strongomedes would throw the discus of how quickly Fasticus would run. It stems from a natural desire to, firstly, win some more money, and secondly, to show one’s knowledge on that particular sporting event, to beat the odds, and to feel the thrill of winning.

Sports betting has come a long way from then, and since the creation of the internet, it has taken on a whole new life, making it easier and quicker to have a bet on your favourite sporting event, no matter where you are on the planet. No longer is there the need to visit seedy bookmakers and hand over your cash over a counter. Today, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

But how does online betting work exactly? Where do the odds that you try to beat come from, those magical numbers that determine whether you’re a winner or loser. And how do they evolve and change in the period leading up to the game? Is there a way of beating this system? It’s not all as complicated as you might think.

Sports betting lines are opened by certain market-leading bookmakers. Within minutes, other early-betting sites pick up these lines and offer them. These early lines are considered the ‘rough’ lines, and are liable to change pursuant to the demands of the market. These lines represent the considered opinion of a few select odds makers. These early lines have low betting limits, but as bets start coming in, the sites adjust them in order to find a balance on that line. When this balance is struck, the limits are increased, and so on. Getting closer to the day of the game, the lines smooth out and higher betting limits are allowed, as the bookmakers are now confident that that particular line is efficient.

Professional bettors prey on the fact that those bookmakers let out a bad, or ill-considered initial line, and get down as much as they can when they are released. But you do not have to a professional bettor to take advantage of these mishaps. By comparing the lines against the leading bookmakers’ odds, any punter can take advantage of this.

The odds at the moment right before a game or race begins represent the opinion of the most clued-up bettors in the world; the true odds on that particular market, if you will. These lines are very efficient, as they have been modified by all known information regarding that market, and at this stage the bookmakers are confident that the product they are offering is balanced. This allows a window for the punter to take advantage of the rough lines; betting on early markets while they are still ‘rough’. is one of the oldest and most trusted bookmakers in the business. It came online in March 2001 on the back of years of experience, already having 49 licensed betting shops in the United Kingdom. It was the first leading bookmaker to get stuck into online betting, and it was an instant success. Their website is now available in 17 languages and 29 currencies, and consistently offers the best odds and markets available in the industry.

Blackjack Casino Online And Offline Rules Can Vary Among Casinos - My Slot Game

Blackjack Casino Online And Offline Rules Can Vary Among Casinos

Enjoying blackjack on line casino online is nearly the equal as taking part in it in an actual on line casino. One of the crucial advantages with playing black jack on-line – primarily in case you are a newbie – is that it is way more rela…

Playing blackjack casino online is nearly the same as taking part in it in a real casino. One of the crucial advantages with taking part in black jack on-line – specifically if you’re a amateur – is that it’s much more enjoyable and easy to take a seat through your pc within the alleviation of your possess dwelling and study the game, than ought to journey to a on line casino where all people is staring at all your steps.

Whether or not you play blackjack at a on line casino or on a internet site or even supposing you simply play black jack for enjoyable, you need to comply with the blackjack sport ideas. To win the black jack sport you have to:

Ranking the very best total you could without “going bust” (over 21)

Beat the seller’s rating

Don’t let this intimidate you. That you may rest guaranteed that the dealer is obligated to obey a strict algorithm to eliminate threat motives that may occur from the dealing method.

The more specific rules of taking part in black jack varies from on line casino to casino, whether on-line of offline. The very first thing you will have to do before you begin to play black jack is to determine the precise rules that observe to the casino you entered.

Skilled black jack avid gamers comprehend that the vendor is required to draw a brand new card except he reaches 17. In a single casino the vendor is allowed to hit a ‘delicate 17’ in a further on line casino this isn’t allowed.

A tender-17 hitting way the inclusion of an ace within the hand. Due to the fact that it represents a price of 1 or eleven, an ace and a six is known as ‘smooth 17. Tender implies that it usually is treated as a complete of seven. In contrast, a 10 and an 18 for instance characterize a fixed or ‘rough’ total of 18, beneath all occasions.

Other black jack principles might also fluctuate from on line casino to casinoArticle Search, for instance

Dealing style (“face up” versus “face down”)

The number of decks allowed in a “shoe” (a ‘shoe’ is a collection of decks)

Online sports betting odds explanation of how they work

Online sports betting odds explanation of how they work

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When players, another name for people who bet, place their bets or wagers on a prediction they have set on the outcome of an event, this is called betting. Sports betting, therefore, is the act of betting whereas the event whose outcome is being predicted is a sporting activity. There are various games on which Online sports betting odds explanation of how they work and bets can be placed, these are but not limited to soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball etc. Different types of bets can be placed on these games irrespective of whether they are played at a professional level in the known leagues or at an amateur level played by local champions in the villages. Of all these, soccer or football is the most betted on sports event worldwide. The time and amount of money spent of betting is however as a result of a culture that the people have developed or were raised in. It is important to note that people can even bet on political elections.

Online sports betting odds explanation of how they work

A wager also known as a bet or stake is normally placed with bookmakers, who are betting accountants employed by a specific betting company, they take the bets on the sports. These bets are placed by the players on the results they deem as the most favourable or possible outcome.

Before one places a bet, they must first understand the rules that regulate a specific game and the different options of bet available for each game. This is easy when the bettor is well equipped with the knowledge on odds.

It is necessary for you to understand the working of bets and their odds in sports betting before you place any bet. This is even more important if you are expecting to make wins on the bets you have placed. There are online sportsbooks and odds calculators that can assist both amateurs and professional gamblers alike. However, not all these books are written in a language everyone can understand and really depend on a bettor’s origin.

Online sports betting odds explanation of how they work

There are different kinds of odds and of all these, the money line odds, the decimal or European odds and the fractional odds are most popular. An odd merely shows the percentage win one would get from spending on a certain bet in a specific game. The odds mentioned above all work differently with little or no similarity at all.

Moneyline odds are also known as the American odds. These are placed by considering the teams involved in a match and choosing the underdog and the favourite. Here, the favorite is the seemingly strong team with a higher chance of winning whereas the underdog is the weaker of the two teams.

Underdogs and favourite teams

When a favourite team is rated at -250 and an underdog at +200, this means that to win a $100 payout should a favorite team win, one would need to place a $250 dollar bet on it. It is slightly different for the underdog bet, here, to win $200 a player places a $100 bet on the probability that the underdog team would win.

Nevertheless, there are games that have written on the sportsbooks, PK, these initials symbolise that between the two teams, none is seen as the favorite nor the underdog in that particular game.

The fractional and decimal bets are pretty easy to understand. The fractional odd such as a 4/1 means that a bettor would win $400 from a $100 wager that wins. Decimal odd betting is the easiest as one simply multiplies whatever they stake by the given odds once their bet succeeds. Hence, for $100 used on a 2.00 odds bet, the winning bet makes away with $200 shillings.

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Explained: How Online Bookmakers Work, BigOnSports

Explained: How Online Bookmakers Work

If you are new to the world of online sports betting or simply can’t tell your odds from your elbow, then look no further, we’re here to help. As with any game it pays, quite literally in this case, to know at least a little of how it works.

You’ve heard the phrase “beat them at their own game’’ – in order to increase your chances of winning, it makes sense to have some understanding of how online bookmakers operate.

We’ll take you through the basic mechanics of betting, from how bookmakers function to how the odds are set and how you can make smart bets.

The Beginnings of Betting

Betting has been around since pretty much the beginning of time. Tiles, thought to have been used in a game of chance, were found in China dating as far back as 2300 BC; this, as well as 40,000 year old dice and cave drawings showing gaming groups, mean that gambling could easily be classed as the most ancient pastime ever.

And if betting has existed for that long, you can bet your bottom dollar that there has been a bookmaker in the middle making it all happen, and making a tidy little sum in the process. Things have come a long way since the Stone Age, though, with the global market value for online betting alone hitting over the $41 billion mark in 2015.

What Do Bookmakers Do, Exactly?

A bookmaker is the middleman. For every bet there is a winner and a loser, and the bookmaker is the pivot between the two, pitting them against each other. Bookmakers set the odds and determine the price of bets. They don’t predict or speculate – at least not in a realistic way, but more on that later. Instead, they’ll offer a bet that will gain equal interest both ways, and give as little risk to themselves as possible.

It’s a basic in and out system – they take money in on bets, pay money out to the winners, and pocket the rest. The key part of that process for the bookies is to ensure that there is more money coming in than there is being paid out. So how do they do that?

How Do Sportsbooks Operate?

Let’s take it down to the most simple of bets: the humble coin toss. In realistic odds, there’s an equal 50/50 chance of winning. In decimal terms, that’s 2.00 (again, more on this later). You bet $1000 on heads, someone else bets $1000 on tails. The bookies will have $2000 in the pot.

With those odds, that would mean the payout will be $2000 (the original $1000 bet, plus the $1000 win). In this case there is no profit for our poor bookmaker, who’s just trying to run a business, and that business is all about making money.

How Do Bookmakers Make a Profit?

So what do bookmakers do to ensure a profit? They change the odds in their favor by building in a margin to the odds, also known as the ‘vig’ or ‘overround’. In layman’s terms, that’s simply the bookmaker’s fee for making the bet.

Now, instead of a realistic 50/50 outcome, or 2.0 decimal odds, they offer you odds at 1.901. It’s not statistically accurate, but there’s still a fair chance of winning either way – heads or tails. Except this time the payout to the winner will be $954.50, meaning that the bookies have a profit margin of $45.50.

This is a simplistic explanation, but that’s basically how it works. So, how do bookies make their money? They do so by factoring a fee (margin) into the odds with careful consideration and calculations.

How Are Odds Calculated?

Odds are worked out by oddsmakers, otherwise known as ‘traders’. These whiz-kids look at the realistic probability of outcomes, using a combination of statistics, mathematical principles of probability, public opinion, and expert knowledge of a particular sport or event. Using their findings, they then calculate the odds required for the bookmakers to achieve their target profit margin.

What they will also take into consideration is a ‘balanced book’, which basically means odds which will see the bookmakers making the same profit, no matter the outcome of the bet. This is why you will often see the odds change as the event nears – that’s the bookies protecting their profit.

For example, if too many people have placed their bet on one option, this is a risk to the bookies and so they will offer better odds on the opposite outcome in order to encourage bets in that direction, to balance things out.

So What Exactly Are Odds?

For every event, there are a certain number of probable outcomes. Bookmakers work out the probability of each outcome and translate that into odds for betting purposes.

The odds can be written in a few different ways. Fractional and decimal odds are more commonplace in Europe, while in the States, you’re much more likely to see them written as a number preceded by a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘ (+150 / -300). Whichever way the bookmakers present their odds, they all provide the same information: how likely an outcome is and how much money you’ll potentially receive should you win.

It’s just a matter of learning how to read them. Here is just one of many simple guides to get you started.

If you do get confused by all these numbers, dots and dashes flying around, there are easy-to-use convertors that allow you to switch between fractional, decimal, US, plus other international odds systems without your head exploding.

A quick Google search will also provide you with a number of online betting calculators that can help you figure out what your returns will be from the odds offered So as long as you have a basic understanding of what you’re looking for, there are plenty of online betting tools to help with the rest.

How Can I Use This to My Advantage?

If the bookies are the ones setting the odds, using knowledge from a team of mathematical geniuses, how can you ever expect to beat the bookies?

They may have the brains and the business edge, but as we said earlier, there is always a winner and a loser. So, you still have a 50/50 chance in that respect!

However, there are things that you can do to maximize your returns. First of all, shop around. There are so many online sports gambling sites to choose from, some offering more competitive odds than others. Different bookmakers will have different margins (the fee worked into the odds to ensure a profit for the bookmaker). The higher the margin, the less value your bet has, meaning less profit for you.

Getting Started in Sports Betting: What to Consider

The margin is just one thing to consider when choosing which online betting website to use. To help you chose, we’ve compiled a list of the top betting sites with an easy-to-understand guide to online sports betting.

It also pays to consider the timing of your wagers. As we mentioned before, the odds can fluctuate over time. That could be due to team information released closer to the game, or it could be the bookies playing the public to balance their books. By keeping a watchful eye, you can look out for those sharp bets.

A sharp bettor is one who thinks about the long-term game, someone who carefully weighs up the information at hand and doesn’t follow the public consensus on a bet. You’re betting to make money, right? Having a long-term game plan is worth thinking about.


As well as knowing how to read the odds, it’s worth considering how they are used in different kinds of wagers. You have straight bets, money line, point spread or over/under. Then there are your more exotic bets such as parlays, which can be a combination of straight-line bets.

It can take some time to get to grips with all the terminology. The best advice is to start with a sport you have some knowledge of, but try not to let your team allegiances sway your decisions. And as mentioned previously, don’t always go with the public bet. Start with simple bets, and take time to work out a betting strategy that works for you.

Welcome to the World of Online Betting

Whether you are a complete novice to the scene entirely, or your previous betting experience has been confined to your local bookie’s shop on the high street, the world of online betting can seem like a whole new world, with its own strange language. But the principles are the same, and it gives you so much more freedom, and many more options.

If you want to put your bookmaking knowledge to use, check out the latest betting tips. Good luck!

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